Why Us?

Our model is relationship based.

We work hard to build a trusting relationship with you and your family members.

We are reliable, dependable and honest. We want your loved one to have the best care possible. Our goal is to assist clients in attaining their maximum functional potential. The individual’s independence is encouraged, while safety and security concerns are also addressed. We are able to address a broad range of issues related to the well-being of our clients, while balancing this with our extensive knowledge about the costs, quality, and availability of resources in your community.

Our visits can be scheduled as often as you like, so that we can check on your loved one regularly to help determine what’s working and what’s not.

In urgent situations, we can show up or communicate to the hospital emergency department when your loved one needs medical intervention and you’re unable to be there.

We have vetted Elder Law Attorneys, Therapists, Fiduciaries, Home Health Agencies, Wealth Managers, Housekeepers, Handymen, Skilled Rehabilitation Facilities, Assisted Living Facilities, other resources and licensed experts. We can give you recommendations and make introductions whether you need a quick answer to a simple question or a full consultation. We do not receive any kickbacks or compensation from anyone we refer you to, which unfortunately is uncommon in this industry.

Our Geriatric Certified Care Manager has worked in the healthcare industry since 1994; she is also a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator and managed a top nursing facility in Seattle. She has the unique ability to understand operations from a provider’s and a customer’s perspective. Our goal is to help you turn an overwhelming and complicated situation, into a quick and easily understandable one.

Now, it’s easy to make the best, most informed decisions for your loved one. Not feel overwhelmed by them.

We're ready to help

Feel free to reach out — we’d love to help answer any questions about what’s best for your family.