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More than one-fourth of Americans 65 and older don’t use the internet, according to a recent study in by the Pew Research Center. Even among those who use it, roughly one-third aren’t confident when performing tasks online.

Another recent study published in the journal Healthcare analyzed older adults’ perspectives on technology intended to allow them to stay in their own homes longer with the goal to help them age in place. Researchers found that many times “frustration” with new technology made older adults unsure of their ability to use it, leaving them unmotivated to even try. Some participants said they needed help from grandchildren to use their smart phones. And still others said they had left the workforce before technology was integrated into daily work, leaving them without the vocabulary or basic skills needed to function in the digital age. And “How To” and “Getting Started” manuals that accompany technology devices are of little help to a person who doesn’t understand the terminology, participants said.

At Eldercare Navigators, we see technology as a means to accomplish powerful outcomes, not as an end in itself. We teach seniors how to use mainstream devices and applications that are popular among all age groups, in order to promote integration and relevance. We are technology agnostic, modifying curriculum and training models to adjust to the emergence of new and popular offerings, and testing devices and interfaces with older adults to learn what is relevant and intuitive.

Setting up and learning how to use new technology can be intimidating. We can help you determine what device to purchase and then we can help you install your new device and teach you how to use them. We can also help you set up and learn how to use important services to help you stay safe and connected at home. We offer a one hour online visit to fix what’s not working, install new software and address your specific tech questions. Schedule your online visit now.

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