Covid Management Assistance

Do you have a plan if you or a loved one get sick?

These are anxious times. But with each passing day, we learn more about this coronavirus and how to handle it better. Our task now is to educate ourselves and do our utmost to protect our most vulnerable population. Older adults may be experiencing significant isolation already, and social distancing may worsen complications from seclusion. Do you have a plan if you or your parents start displaying symptoms of Coronavirus?

We can help you develop a personalized plan:

  • 5Protect the older adult and keep them well-supplied, connected and monitored.
  • 5Have a plan of what to do if the older adult gets sick
  • 5Develop a plan if someone else in the household (e.g., spouse or a paid caregiver) gets sick
  • 5A plan of what to do if the primary family caregiver (co-residing or not) gets sick
  • 5Reviewing the advance directive and updating goals of care (if appropriate)
  • 5Help navigating a hospital stay if necessary
  • 5Ongoing monitoring as needed

Also, having a spouse or parent in a Nursing Home, Assisted Living Facility or Adult Family Home is never easy. It’s even more difficult now, with lockdowns and heightened fears about loved ones’ physical and emotional wellbeing. Family members are feeling anxious and helpless, especially if they visited regularly and provided personal care, which they can no longer do. Senior living communities range in their level of care and disease prevention. If you have a family member there, do you know how well they are handling COVID-19? What questions should you ask if you’re not sure?

Understanding that a physical assessment is the gold standard of care, however in these extreme circumstances, families need help. We can work with family members to come up with solutions specific to their loved one’s situation.

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