You have been fantastic to work with and we really appreciate the service you provide. Honestly it was more than just the service, you are truly gifted at helping people and things would not have gone as well for us without you.

Dan K.

Everett, WA

I was so grateful for the helpful guidance of Heather at Eldercare Navigators. She was thorough, knowledgeable and such a relief in trying to figure out home care for my grandmother. I can’t recommend her services enough!! In a difficult time for your family, there is nothing better than having an advocate who can guide you through such a tedious and confusing time as your loved ones grow old. Thanks so much!!!

Rebecca P.

Seattle, WA

Hey everybody I just wanted to take a second to share with all of my friends who maybe have aging parents or friends: the incredibly knowledgeable, organized, kind, and compassionate Heather Eacker, and her wonderful care consultation company called @eldercarenavigators. Heather and I have been colleagues for many years, and way back when I quickly learned that she is an above-and-beyond person!

She came through for me and my family in so many ways over the past year, and I am so thankful to her. She knows the biz, will take the time to figure out what your loved one truly needs, what the to do list is and help you get through it, where to go, what the resources are. She is just a wonderful professional — you will want her and her team in your corner!

Jenny C.

Seattle, WA

Heather helped my family when my dad had unexpected open heart surgery. We had no idea where to start but with Heather’s help, she made a very stressful, difficult situation seem manageable! Her compassion and kindness, coupled with her knowledge in this space, made all the difference.

Emily C.

Seattle, WA

My widowed mother is sociable, energetic and physically fit. Sadly, her short-term memory isn’t what it used to be. After she fell at home while using the stairs, we decided to move her in with us for her safety. This was simply the beginning of a journey that is quite simply, arduous and a labor of love. Navigating the programs and agencies around Seattle was challenging and Byzantine before we engaged with Heather. Her deep industry knowledge was invaluable for us to create a “soft landing” here for mom. Thank you!

Scott K.

Seattle, WA

Eldercare Navigators fills such an important need in our world! Heather, the owner of the business, is someone who has spent a very long time working in geriatric care. Because of this, her value is beyond priceless. If you are having any issues navigating the healthcare system, she knows exactly who to call the first time- saving you lots of frustration and time. In addition to that, she’s a great translator of doctor speak. She truly LOVES what she does, and you can see it in how she treats her clients. Not only does she work with senior citizens, she helps younger people navigate healthcare. AND, she is a mediator! With years and years of training, Heather is able to keep the peace and make sure everyone feels like they’ve been heard. I am thrilled to recommend Heather’s services!

Jean P.

Seattle, WA

My mom recently fell, fractured her hip, and had replacement surgery. As anyone with a family member in need of care knows, navigating the various systems and figuring out what’s best for your loved one is scary and overwhelming.

Heather provided expert advice to me and my family, ranging from identifying the most suitable rehab centers for mom’s post-surgery recovery to coaching us on how to best work with rehab center staff to ensure the best care plan for our mom. With other health issues complicating the rehab process, with a depth of expertise and compassion, Heather helped us prioritize our concerns and focus our efforts for best results. Amidst all of this, Heather guided me and my family through some insurance plan changes that would most benefit our mom long-term based on her specific needs.

With mom’s best interests in mind, Heather’s professional experience coupled with her genuine care and support have been invaluable! We can’t be more appreciative or recommend Eldercare Navigators’ services more highly.

Haelee J.

Dunedin, FL

Eldercare Navigators is the way to go when looking for placement or just resources available for our aging loved ones. Heather is very caring, knowledgeable and the go-to person regarding elder care needs or questions!

Quiana C.

Seattle, WA

I’ve been working with Heather for about a year now. Heather helps me with services for my father. She is an amazing resource due to her years in the industry. She’s not afraid to ask the important questions and is a strong advocate in a landscape that can be rather daunting at times. She is thoughtful, caring and a wonderful listener. Having her on your team will provide you with a sense of calm and confidence. I highly recommend her services if you need a helping hand trying to come with a plan for your aging loved one. She is very responsive to questions and concerns. Eldercare Navigators provides an invaluable service to the community.

Leisa G.

Seattle, WA

Heather is provides a truly breathtaking scope of services to help you feel confident and secure as you ensure your beloved parent is well supported, situated, and cared for. She’s a One-Stop-Shop, but so much more. You immediately feel yourself calm down and relax about the business at hand, because you can feel, from Heather’s calm and knowledgeable presence, that you and your parent/s are in good hands.

Gaelen P.

Seattle, WA

Heather was a great help to my family following my grandmother’s massive stroke, for which she required emergent hospital care, admittance into a nursing home, physical and occupational therapy and ultimately hospice care. Her knowledge and compassion helped guide us through a very difficult and emotional journey.

Jennifer B.

San Francisco, CA

Highly recommend Heather and Eldercare Navigators for the care and management for the elderly. While it’s unfortunate to see your parents or grandparents age, it is unavoidable. However, there is hope to ease the stress that come with supporting the elderly and what all to do next when that time comes. Heather provides a one-stop shop for most needs and she’s a caring professional. A breath of fresh air.

Shaun A.

Seattle, WA

I cannot overstate how critical Heather from Eldercare has been in getting my elderly parents the care they need. My parents were moving to Seattle after never having had health insurance in the US, and she not only found a great broker for us, she went to EVERY single one of the meetings we had (my parents have a complicated medical situation) and helped us select the best private insurance possible. She then used her vast knowledge of the health care organizations in the area and to help select care providers. She came to our initial appointments to make sure that we were happy with the providers and also asked some questions that we would not have thought of. Heather is truly an advocate for patients as well as an expert on all things health-related. My family is so grateful for the care she put into addressing our unique needs and her generous sharing of knowledge and experience.

Mina Y.

Seattle, WA

It is wonderful that there is a service that is reliable, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and companionate like Eldercare Navigators. I have worked with Heather Eacker and know first hand that she can deliver on excellent costumer service, finding an appropriate placement/and or setting, and assisting to ensure the right treatment & services are provided to meet the needs of the elderly. I can’t tell you how many times she has been there for both my parents to provide care & support during time of medical emergencies. Thanks!!!

Diana T.

Seattle, WA

Heather rocks. I needed help with my mom’s elder care and Heather really knew the ropes. Thank goodness!

Ed L.

Seattle, WA

When our family went through a major medical crisis all we could focus on was getting our daughter better, not managing the medical bills. Handling all of the bills felt like a full time job. Heather stepped in and took this off of our stressed plate. She was able to help us put our energy where it needed to be, with our child Heather is extremely helpful, determined and kind. She thinks of details that otherwise would have been forgotten. We are so thankful that she was able to help us during our worse time. I would recommend her to anyone who is dealing with medical issues, she is the best!

Molly T.

Seattle, WA

Heather is simply remarkable at her job and I highly recommend her services. She is compassionate and fully aware of the challenges faced by individuals and families. Her knowledge and expertise is invaluable and her professionalism is first rate. Such important matters call for the best and that is what Heather offers.

Anita B.

San Francisco, CA